Western States Endurance

Racing Schedule for 2014 is on Lock and Man its a Going to be a Good Year

So I have to start by saying I was rather disappointed that my name wasn’t drawn for the Western States Lottery. I had dreams and aspirations of running this race and was pumped about doing it this year. It took a few days for the pain and sting of not getting in to subside before I can figure out my alternatives and plan B’s .

Although I had plan B mostly figured out it also involved another lottery and one I wasn’t confident about getting into. It was TRT 100 lottery that had me both nervous and anxious. Not only was I worried about losing in another lottery there was a piece of me that was nervous for the race itself. I am a 100 virgin and wasn’t sure that it was a good idea to enter such a tough one for my first. As the Jan o1 lottery date was drawing nearer I was exited about ready if my name was drawn. So Dec 31st mid day my name was picked and my fate sealed…. So it was settled and it was time to figure out my plans, racing strategies, and training races.

So  here is the long and short of it and I may add my favorites like Skyline 50k in Aug, Dick Collins Firetrails 50 in Oct, as well as Whiskytown 50k in Nov. But for now I am pretty content with the ones I have committed too and interested to see what my body says after TRT100.

First race of the year will be nice and mellow and I’m not going for an AG finish (so I say). This will be Lindsay’s first longer trail race and I am hoping she has a good time.

  • Feb 01 , the ITR Fort Ord 35K : http://www.insidetrail.com/ai1ec_event/fort-ord-trail-run/?instance_id=

Second race is the first of a few 50K’s of the year. This will be Lindsay’s first 50k and I am excited to see how she’ll do.

  • March 08 , Way to Cool 50K. Ive never done this one before but everyone boasts it being a really awesome race. : http://www.wtc50k.com

Third race will be Lindsay’s first 50 miler and I think she will go great.. Im looking forward to this race to work on some nutrition tweaks and get my game plan together for some other upcoming races.

  • April 05, American River 50 or AR50. http://www.ar50mile.com  Although its no longer a WS qualifier It should be a fun race and they usually have some sick finishers jackets…

Fourth race is one I am super excited about and a good test of my legs after the 50 miler. While this winds down Lindsay’s Ultra season its all about enjoying this race and just having a great vacation..

  • April 26th , Tuscany Crossing 50k in yup TUSCANY.. http://www.lostworldsracing.com/tuscany-crossing-italy-april-2013/

Fifth is going to be an ASS kicker.. This one I am hoping for some heat so I can get some practice in it. In years past its been incredibly warm so I am sure I will get my wish. I plan on slowing my pace a bit and being comfortable ( if you can use those words in a vey hilly 100k). Im hoping to work out any kinks I discover during this race and spend the next two months following perfecting things.

  • May 10th, Quicksilver 100K . The first year of  my team putting on a 100K here and the course is going to be tough http://www.quicksilver-running.com/#!50k–50m-races/cp7p

Then I get a little break and some time to focus on some long training weeks, practice runs , volunteering with my team at Western States, supporting my friends racing there, and getting my head on right for TRT. Im hoping to make it up there quite a few times to run the course and see how my body does with the elevation.

  • July 19th TRT 100 in Lake Tahoe. This will be at elevation with a lot of elevation to be had. I have had some friends get crushed here and I can only hope with proper training and a great mindset I will do well here.

Like I said there may be some more races added after this but I want to focus on these six, have all my strategies in place, then I’ll have some fun at the other races if I feel up to it..

For now we have our first solid training week under our belts for 2014 and it was a respectable 46 mile week with about 6k in climbing. I feeling great and trying to get back into the routine of running 5 days a week.  Im also trying to lose the few extra lbs I had put on tapering from last season. Im pumped for the new year, Lindsay has been running great, and it will be great year training for all of these races with her on the trails with me.



Missing a Race due to Illness- It’s an Odd Feeling..

Due to this ridiculous viral flu I have I will be sadly backing out of CIM on Sunday. On a positive exciting note, Western States Endurance  lottery is TOMORROW, fingers crossed..

Maybe I am lucky but after all the training and racing I did this year I never missed a race due to illness and/or injury. Leave it to my very last race of 2013 to ruin that streak.

There were many times in my life that I would probably race CIM this coming Sunday even though I am on antibiotics and told to stay in bed. I like the new intelligent me that allows me to push and constantly challenge myself but no to be stupid; well extra stupid. Ultra running has an element  One of the million things I love about trail running and ultra’s is the reason i do it: I LOVE IT!!!

I’m not in position to win most of the races I enter (although the age groups wins I got were lots of fun) so I try and remember each and every time I am running ” I am doing this because I love it.” This mantra of sorts reminds me to stop on occasion snap a pictures, take a moment of solace, and to just be..

Tomorrow is a big day and Im hoping to be well enough to cruise up to Auburn, be a part of the Western States lottery draw, and at the end of the day my hopeful entry in to States for 2014. Many of my teammates will be there tomorrow so it will be an incredible feeling to be there if any of their names get drawn. Im excited to even be a part of the drawing and can’t wait to experience

Here’s to 2014 and I can’t wait to kick this cold, lace up my shoes, and hit the closest trail to find that connection with the earth I’m desperately missing.