Missing a Race due to Illness- It’s an Odd Feeling..

Due to this ridiculous viral flu I have I will be sadly backing out of CIM on Sunday. On a positive exciting note, Western States Endurance  lottery is TOMORROW, fingers crossed..

Maybe I am lucky but after all the training and racing I did this year I never missed a race due to illness and/or injury. Leave it to my very last race of 2013 to ruin that streak.

There were many times in my life that I would probably race CIM this coming Sunday even though I am on antibiotics and told to stay in bed. I like the new intelligent me that allows me to push and constantly challenge myself but no to be stupid; well extra stupid. Ultra running has an element ¬†One of the million things I love about trail running and ultra’s is the reason i do it: I LOVE IT!!!

I’m not in position to win most of the races I enter (although the age groups wins I got were lots of fun) so I try and remember each and every time I am running ” I am doing this because I love it.” This mantra of sorts reminds me to stop on occasion snap a pictures, take a moment of solace, and to just be..

Tomorrow is a big day and Im hoping to be well enough to cruise up to Auburn, be a part of the Western States lottery draw, and at the end of the day my hopeful entry in to States for 2014. Many of my teammates will be there tomorrow so it will be an incredible feeling to be there if any of their names get drawn. Im excited to even be a part of the drawing and can’t wait to experience

Here’s to 2014 and I can’t wait to kick this cold, lace up my shoes, and hit the closest trail to find that connection with the earth I’m desperately missing.