pine to palm

No Western States Endurance Run This Year; So Plan B?


I watched with baited breathe the Western States Lottery live action today. I would have loved to have made it up to Auburn to be there in person but this damn cold will not go away.. The first hour of the drawing my heart was racing and as many of my team mates names got  called as the anxiety continued to grow. Even as they called the last few names I waited eagerly knowing one of those names coming up could be mine. I am incredibly happy for all of my team that will be going to Staes this year and as  the final name got called it became painfully clear that Western States Endurance Run wasn’t in my 2014 future…

Since one of these WS glorious belt buckles aren’t in my 2014 future , what do I now? Well for the last few weeks the plan was sign up for Zion 100 and do that with some buddies. But I as awaited the results of the States drawing my mind kept pulling me towards Pine to Palm 100 and Tahoe Rim Trail 100, both of which are tough to get into. and I am not sure why I am leaning towards either one of these races? Maybe I am feeling lucky in the next lottery, maybe I don’t wan’t to do Zion knowing my amazing wife won’t be able to be there, ,or maybe I am glutton for punishment with these harder races.

I’ve called in some advice from some of my seasoned Ultra running friends and I honestly don’t know what direction I will lean. Since their is always the choice of the easy way or hard way and I’m constantly surprised at how many take the easy way. I’ve always been the hard way type of guy. I don’t want my first hundred to be easy, not that Zion is, but I want people to cringe when they here the races I’ve signed up for this year. I don’t know why that excites me but It does. I guess being an ultra runner we are already screwed up in the head so this goes in line with seeking joy out of running 60 mile weeks and laughing after races when your feet look like they have been in battle…

Either way Jan 01 I will have my 2014 race calendar on lock with hopefully one 100 miler. For now its all about getting healthy, getting back on the trails, and enjoying as many seconds as I can with my amazing wife. Never for one moment do I forget where my true priorities are and that I am grateful for each moment I got in this earth with Lindsay..