Finding a Balance , Or Is There One?


So I’m officially three weeks into training for 2014 and I’m already wondering about this balance in life of doing what you love, maintaining a good career, spending adequate and quality time with my wife (who is also training), cooking dinner every night, maintaining our Paleo lifestyle, keeping our dog happy, and finding time for our family and friends ect ect ect..

So Lindsay and I have been married for less then a year but have lived together for three years now in a quaint apartment with our super spoiled 6 year Chihuahua. In those three years we have done 5 half Ironmans, Lindsays’ done two full Ironmans, Ive knocked out my 50K and 50 milers, and we both have done countless other races. Regardless of how much we raced we have always been able to find lots of quality time together to build on this amazing relationship we have.
Last year Lindsay took the year off from racing to focus on her career, plan our wedding all the while I was diving head first into Ultra running racing every chance I had. We also made the wonderful step towards  our better well being by switching to Paleo diet. We absolutely love eating Paleo but it has added a few extra hours in the week to food prep, cooking , and kitchen cleanup ect. Although I wouldn’t change it, I have to admit it takes more time by not allowing us and easy escape of Pizza after a long hard workout (and my body and stomach are thankful for that).
Lindsay and I may also be that couple that drives people crazy by how in love we are and how much time we love spending together. Don’t get me wrong we both have out lives and have do am lot on our own, but I cherish the time I get to spend with my wife. And for the most part I don’t consider rushing home from work to start dinner, take out our dog out for his morning or evening stroll,  doing dishes and laundry quality time together.
Add in I work Sunday through Thursday vary in shift from 8am start to 10pm finish depending on the day, she works Mon-Fri and commutes, and we run 5 days a week Tues-Thurs and Sat and Sun. Factor in everything in our lives from our careers, love for each other, our dog, our diet, running 10 hours a week, ect ect you start to wonder about a balance and if there is one? I don’t do anything I don’t want too ( ok I’d love to not work)  and even with just doing the things I love trying to find a balance is tough, which part of your life do you sacrifice? Do you have too?
Those questions I just asked are clearly rhetorical questions because I have no idea what the answers are and I don’t think there is a secret out there that Im missing.  But I don know there are things  I can do to improve my life which I am starting to implement and starting to see some relief to our chaotic lives.
  • I’m canceling our cable and almost all but stopped watching TV.
  • Not working from home after I jet spent 10 hours at the office. Well I suck at that but IM definitely trying to be better.
  • Plan our meals and dinners better so Im not coming home an trying to figure out what to make.
  • Being more flexible with my running schedule although this still needs much more work.
  • We have started in on The Minimalist movement and unloading years of crap we have complied and trying not to let our objects eat up time in our day.
  • Continuing with what we have done well at;  making the best of each and every moment alone and together to enjoy the moments in life. This is something I do well and I’m always grateful and appreciative of a beautiful sunrise run, stopping to grab Lindsay and kiss her hard and hold her close, and taking time in our days to appreciate those around us.

While I may feel a little  overwhelmed now its ditching years of bad habits, doing things that aren’t productive use of my time, being consumed by your everyday consumption, and many other factors I need to change in order to draw in a better balance in this life.