Back On Track, The Road to Ultra Running is Full Of Bumps and Bruises

So it’s been a month since my last post sitting in the hospital waiting for my dad do get out of  open heart surgery. If you know how much I love that man you can imagine how flipped upside down I felt at that time.. I was question many things in my life and sadly one of them was a love of mine ; Ultra Running.

Anyone who’s has ever trained for an Ironman, or a 50 mile or 100 mile race knows the time commitment and dedication that goes along with that. I run a minimum of 8 hours a week of running and that can jump to 12 hours easily some weeks. THIS IS MY LIFE, there isn’t time for much more then that between work, walking dog, making dinner, and finding what ever time I can with Lindsay.

So it makes you think about if its worth it training that much and having running be such a sizable part of your life. I essentially took the last 6 weeks off running to contemplate life, spend time with my dad and got the occasional run in.

There have been many life bumps, bruises, hiccups, in those few weeks. I had missed one race this year and had my first 50K looming in a few weeks (Way to Cool) , it was time to make some decisions. One of the things I learned in this period was regardless if I ever ran another Ultra in my life; running connected me with my spirit, my soul, my happiness, and internal peace. Its part of me now and I need it as much as I need the air I breathe. Running in the mountains is my church, my pastor, my best friend, my Holy Grail of sorts.

Since my dad is in recovery mode and laid up for a bit longer (no hunting trips or fly fishing for us for a few months) I decided to lace up my shoes and see what I had in the tank and what endurance I banked the last year and half. I had no idea what kind of week I could push out and haven’t pulled consecutive 40-50 mile weeks since early Jan. I was determined to go for broke and push myself hard to find out if Way to Cool was a possibility or another missed opportunity this year.

As I write this I’m 38 miles in this week, feeling confidant about my 20 mile run tomorrow and shorter 4-6 on Sunday. Its been many months since I pulled a 60+ mile week and if things go well , you can bet your ass my training is back on track and W2C will be a nice first practice 50K of the year.

Life will continue to boggle me and I have no idea how to live this life “properly”. I’m guessing at it everyday trying to follow my dreams, be a good husband, son, and sibling. Hopefully I’m doing more then just the running right…

I’m truly grateful for my amazing friends and family that choose or are stuck with me in this journey called life. I have a few friends who have been at my side pushing me without pushing me to get back on the trails and do this running that I love and I’m thankful for you..

Go Pro Selfie


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